About Us

eco-union Med. is a non profit organization that promotes sustainable development of our societies through education and dissemination of knowledge.

principia_redesTo paraphrase the philosopher and ecologist veteran Gianluca Solera, the “Mediterranean ideal” has to do with lifestyle and space as a environmental entity. If there is an identity forged around the sea which goes from Algeciras to Istanbul (as the song by Serrat), should be based on the preservation of natural and cultural heritage, conservation of biodiversity, as well as on good governance of natural resources and cooperation between people that make it up.

Build and promote environmental awareness in the Mediterranean basin and enhance binding of the Euro-Mediterranean region is part of the ideology of eco-union Mediterranean.

The north-south connection in Europe, and the European region itself with North Africa, are a key to understanding and cooperation, something much needed in this century that has just begun.

David Abulafia, British historian and author of ‘The Great Sea’, says it has been more peace and cooperation in the mare nostrum along its thousands of years of history than is commonly believed. Rescue this facet of the region and incorporate the Euro-Mediterranean dialogue through the work between organizations and individuals, it is possible.

What is our purpose? Contribute to transit to a model of responsible and sustainable Mediterranean society.

In pursuit of the mission we set as associative entity, all of us, Club members, professionals and citizens acting every day towards eco-transformation of our society, we support each other and actively with optimism and good humor, not forgetting ever that we widely enjoyed in the process.

eco-union Mediterranean

All members and partners of eco-union Mediterranean, donors and active collaborators are part of the way towards sustainability we set for ourselves in 2008.